Every industry is a world in itself and with us the world is yours

Aerospace & Defense

We are committed to being a flexible, value-added logistics provider for the aerospace and defense industry. We recognize the unique needs and challenges of the industry. We integrate logistics, transportation management, and information monitoring in accordance with Aerospace & Defense requirements to provide competitive logistics solutions for your supply chain.


Our worldwide network for procurement, distribution and aftermarket logistics ensures your components and vehicles reach their destination. We offer a range of storage services and transport modes, including road, rail, ocean, or air freight


We understand the complexities of the beverage industry. Our temperature-controlled storage protect the high quality of your liquid freight, while our extensive transportation network and quality services ensure your cargo gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.


We has an in-depth understanding of the consumer industry. Our numerous consumer industry partners do trust us to optimize the supply chains of their business-to-consumer organizations for years. We work closely with each of our consumer customers to develop customized solutions


As globalization increases, the electronics industry faces greater time and cost pressures. We respect and understand these pressures. Our customized solutions have been designed to optimize production processes and reduce your business expenses

Fashion & Retail

Speed, flexibility, and efficiency are the key in the retail industry. When high demand for a product creates a rush order, our global network expedites goods from anywhere in the world, directly to the customer. We work with you to develop a flexible supply chain management system that enables you to respond to new market requirements

Healthcare & Pharma

The reliable delivery of healthcare products can be lifesaving. Which is why we develop supply chain solutions with you to ensure that time- and temperature-sensitive products reach their destination safely.


Our services cover a wide range of sub-industries along the industrial value chain, ranging from transport solutions for raw materials to spare parts logistics for engine manufacturers. Using our expertise in contract logistics, we can optimize your supply chain from end-to-end.


We can respond to your individual requirements for shipping perishable items, such as meat, produce, poultry, seafood, and dairy products. Our flexible transportation options by land, ocean, air, and rail, provide optimized door-to-door solutions to fit your products needs, your budget, and your schedule

Semicon & Solar

Our services for companies from the semiconductor and solar industry cover all aspects of logistics. We can optimize your entire value chain and provide equipment logistics, spare parts, after sale services, value added services like crating and quality inspections, and classical transportation management.

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